The last song of Greece

One more article from Italy about Human Bank. http://www.lintellettualedissidente.it/economia/lultimo-canto-della-grecia/ Resistono i coraggiosi che stanno inaugurando  “the human bank”, la prima banca etica che sostiene le imprese agricole […]

What does it mean that Human Bank will bring expansion of companies / customers to the global market?

The financial product that only Human Bank will introduce and will exclusively give to all businesses / customers / partners is the  competitive “weapon” to overcome […]

What does it mean that Human Bank will introduce a new method of payment?

Human Bank will introduce a method of payment that will make its supermarkets and the bank itself to have products and services far cheaper than any other supermarket, by at […]

What does it mean for the borrower the construction of his business’ website for free by Human Bank?

If someone starts his own business today, to be considered noteworthy he should create a website to sell / promote his products or service both in his country […]

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