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Danger of a fourth recapitalization The Economist foresees

A report that should trouble government and the banks, from the Economist. The Article does not exclude the possibility of a fourth recapitalization because of the high level of NPLs.

“Apparently, the four largest banks in Greece are in the best condition in recent years” but “under the safety of fresh funds, the cracks remain. The Greek banks continue to lose money, “indicates the report.

As noted, the large losses due to non-performing loans could erode bank funds once again. 40% of total loans and 55% of housing is not repaid in relation to the European average of about 5%.

Referring to the report on the general economic environment, it emphasizes that Greece quarrels with other eurozone states the terms of the rescue program, increasing the likelihood of another crisis. “It is not excluded a fourth recapitalization” says Josu Fabo of Fitch rating agency.

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