Risk Management

The Human Bank has a specific methodology for the identification, effective analysis, monitoring and management of risks arising from its operations.


Below analyzed the potential risks and how they are treated


1. The granting of credit is based on sound and well-defined criteria. The process for approving, amending, renewing and re-financing credits shall be clearly established.
2. Effective systems are used for the management and monitoring on an ongoing basis, the various portfolios and exposures that are exposed to credit risk, in particular for identifying and managing problem credits and for making adequate value adjustments and provisions, shall.
3. Diversification of credit portfolios is adequate, taking into account the market in which the Peoples Bank and overall credit strategy.
The risk that recognized techniques of credit risk mitigation used by the credit institution prove less effective than expected shall be addressed and controlled by means of written policies and procedures.



The concentration risk arising from: 1. Exposures to counterparties, groups of connected counterparties or counterparties that are part of the same economic sector, geographic region or from the same activity or
2. The same commodity or
3. Application techniques of credit risk mitigation, particularly the concentration risk associated with large indirect credit exposures (eg to a single collateral issuer), shall be addressed and controlled by means of written policies and procedures.


1. The risks arising from securitization transactions in which the credit institution is the originator or sponsor shall be evaluated and addressed through appropriate policies and procedures to ensure that the economic substance of the transaction is fully reflected in the risk assessment and management decisions.
2. Where credit institutions which are originators of revolving securitization transactions involving early amortization provisions, it is planning on liquidity to address the impact of both planned, as well as early redemptions.


Policies and processes for the measurement and management of all
Important factors and the possible impact of market risks.


Systems shall be implemented to evaluate and manage the risk arising from potential changes in interest rates, in so far as it affects the business of the credit institution's non-trading activities


1. Policies and procedures for the assessment and management of operational risk, including that resulting from events with low incidence and serious consequences.
2. Compiled plans emergency situations to ensure the Bank's ability to continue its operations and limit losses in the event of severe business disruption.


1. Policies and processes for the measurement and management of the net financial position and net financing needs based on ongoing and future needs.
2. Alternative scenarios and reviewed on a regular basis the assumptions underpinning decisions concerning the net funding position.
3. Contingency plans to deal with liquidity crises.

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