This business plan is related to the establishment and the operation of  the public limited banking company under the name "HUMAN BANK SA» with the distinctive title'' HUMAN BANK''.

With this attempt we shall analyze the strategy and give a description of the systems, resources and procedures to which the Peoples' Bank «HUMAN BANK» will be based in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantageous place in the market.

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Information of HUMAN BANK

Distinctive titleHUMAN BANK
Year of establishment2016 - 2017
Share Capital:300.000.000€

Share capital:

The total share capital of the bank amounts to three hundred million (300,000,000.00) euros divided to thirty million (30,000,000) shares of ten (10.00) each. Specifically:
1. The Bank's shares are registered and indivisible.
2. Each shareholder resides wherever deemed, for relations with the Bank that it has legal domicile headquarters of the Bank and subject to Greek law.
3. Any dispute between the Bank and the shareholders subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Athens courts before which only sued the Bank, even when any special jurisdiction or jurisdictions.


The purpose of the establishment Credit Institute is lending productive institutions of Greek economy with low-medium and short term loans and while ensuring the promotion of their products through the companies of the Credit Institution holdings through procedures ensuring competitive quality and price of these products.
The Credit Institution shall provide comprehensive services to prospective investors / clients that will include market research study, legal services and credit. It will also undertake and logistic services for its customers.

The funds of the Credit Institution from shareholders investors from Greece and other countries.
At the initial stage will discourage deposits of any kind and will not be any borrowing.

The statutory purpose of PEOPLE BANK «HUMAN BANK» is:

Any work or activity that is authorized or required to banks by applicable law, including but not limited:
1. acceptance of deposits and other repayable funds
2. loans or other credit transactions including factoring
3. lease (leasing)
4. for payments transactions, including transfer of funds
5. issuance and management of payment instruments (credit and debit cards travel and bank checks)
6. Guarantees and commitments
7. transactions on behalf of the institution or its customers concerning:
money market instruments (securities, certificates of deposit, etc.)
financial futures or options,
interest rate swaps and currency swaps

8. Participation in securities issues and the provision of related services including, in particular and securities underwriting services
9. Advice to undertakings on capital structure, business strategy and related counseling issues, as well as services relating to mergers and acquisitions j. Mediation in the interbank markets
10. portfolio management or advice on portfolio management
11.. Custody and administration of securities
12.. Collection and processing of business information, including customer credit rating services
13.. Renting safes
14.. Issuing electronic money
15. Activities beyond those mentioned above concerning the provision of major and sequential investment services, as those referred to in Article 4 of Law. 3606/2007 (Government Gazette 73A).

Representation of natural or legal persons which pursue the same or a similar purpose.
The establishment of or participation in any form of business in Greece or abroad, including but not limited to banks and companies operating in the financial sector in general, venture companies (Venture Capital), brokerage, insurance, investment funds, holding companies ( Holding), fund management, real estate investments, payment systems companies, credit risk assessment, multilateral trading facilities, exchanges, companies business management consultancy, computer applications and information technology, electricity production from renewable energy sources, etc.
The alignment of business objectives of the Bank with those of social progress and solidarity, a high and stable economic growth, the use of best working practices, responsible use of natural resources and the promotion of culture and science. To this end, the Bank through corporate social responsibility programs can engage in charitable activities.

The bank support business activities that generate both economic, social and environmental benefits, while respecting the principles of sustainable development and responsible environmental behavior
Provision, full accounting, legal coverage, marketing services, market research, integration in European programs for borrowers. .
Promotion, through partnerships, products of borrowers in domestic and international market.
Acquisition of majority or minority shareholdings or shares in companies, aimed at increasing profitability while absorbing the products of borrowers, through the creation and networking.
Fixed annual funding of charitable-humanitarian activities of recognized religious denominations in Greece, which will participate in the Board bank.

1. We aim at productive reconstruction of Greece and expansion of our business in the Global Community.
2. All people are entitled to a second chance in life.
3. We aim at enhancing the prosperity of that part of the population which is excluded from the financial-banking system and the emergence of the country's productive capacity and its people.
4 .We seek for economic development with respect to the environment and the dignity of the people.
5. Our goal is to unite all people regardless of their religious beliefs for the common goal of happiness and prosperity as well.
6. The bank shall be a servant of productive people for prosperity and well-being of the global community of people.
7 .We will earn from the profitability of the business rather than the lending rate.
8. There will be prefixed assets of the borrowers only by means of production which the bank will make loans to purchase them.
9. We finance only productive activities rather than consumption.
10. We promote cooperation between the producers with the aim of reducing production costs based on international standards.
11. We promote and create stable absorption of networks for products of borrowers to the final consumer.
12 .We create a chain of '' happy borrower'' by funding, earning and having secured all the support they need (full support studies, purchasing, marketing, accounting, legal insurance, European programs, international exhibitions and collaborations) - no red loans - profits for the society and the employees of the bank and profitability for the bank through profitable operations and activities and not through the sale of property of the citizens.
13. We want the establishment of the bank to come from ordinary citizens of the global community and not from the system.
14. The loan agreements shall comply with the decisions of the judicial authorities of Greece and the European Union that will involve and will not include unfair terms.
15. The money raised for the foundation of the bank in the absence of accumulating the necessary capital as well as in case of failure of its purpose, (while established and work) will be donated to charitable institutions of Greece or Cyprus as referred to in the Article 27 of the Bank's Human Association.
16. The bank will provide, through an online store, all the products of  the borrowers in the international market.
17. We support the creation and development of local varieties of agricultural and livestock products throughout Greece.
18. In banking products and services as well as in absorption systems will be applied presentation technology and marketing of the products, producers and production process, as technology 3D hologram projector

Η παρούσα ιστοσελίδα έχει αποκλειστικά και μόνο ενημερωτικό χαρακτήρα και θα εξειδικεύσει τα χαρακτηριστικά της όταν κι εφόσον ο αναφερόμενος φορέας λάβει τη νόμιμα προβλεπόμενη άδεια εκ της αρμοδίας Τράπεζας της Ελλάδος και τονίζεται ότι έως τότε ουδεμία χρηματοπιστωτική πράξη δύναται να συμβεί παρά μόνο όταν κι εφόσον ο φορέας αποκτήσει τη νομική του προσωπικότητα και προβεί σε όλες τις δημόσιες διατυπώσεις. | This website is purely informative and will specify its characteristics when and as long as the reporting entity receives the legally authorized license from the competent Bank of Greece and it is emphasized that until then no financial transaction can occur until the financial institution Acquire its legal personality and carry out all public formalities.