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Press Release | Human Bank

Press Release | Human Bank

The Human is an innovative idea that changes the data of what we know about the banks. It is an idea that grew out of despair for the injustice citizens, all of us from not helping small businesses for their healthy development, and all those involved in the primary products sector.

The Human Bank based on a model based on man and not the system utilizes “intelligent” mechanisms to support small and medium enterprises for their development, their long-term profitability, and to fight poverty.

In summary the project will be based on the following:

It will provide through equity loans exclusively in the primary sector (Agriculture- Livestock) and tertiary sectors (STARTUP Business and Internet)
There will loans to other sectors such property markets, or consumer goods
It will not make any liens on borrowers
The overall rate for borrowers is stable and will be 4% without any other charge and the average lending rate of the European citizens (eg German farmers).
The loan agreements are in line with the decisions of the Greek and European courts and in cooperation with counsel that citizen.
The People Bank has disabled workers and young unemployed graduates every year out of their legal wages will get bonuses depending on the profitability of business borrowers and not on the bank’s profitability.

The innovative benefits to borrowers in summary:

1. Total 4% interest rate.
2. Free full accounting coverage.
3. Free full legal coverage.
4. Free insurance coverage.
5. Provision of expertise and technology for the creation of the business of each borrower.
6. Free marketing services for the business and products of each borrower.
7. Free manufacture and support online store to promote products of borrowers in the markets.
8. Free activities and facilities for product certification of borrowers and direction are all organic.
9. Providing that all consumables such as feed, fertilizers etc. be purchased at wholesale prices from Greece or abroad.
10. Free services of agronomists, veterinarians and scientific services in general which will be necessary to borrowers for their businesses.
11. Free expertise to cheaper and technologically more productive and modern manufacturing facilities such as greenhouses and more.
12. Absorption of all manufactured products of borrowers and available through the supermarket the Peoples Bank will create.
13. Providing free studies and specialized staff that every borrower to apply and produce products at wholesale prices to be at least 15% cheaper than the corresponding values ​​that exist in the European Union and 10% of these third countries. .
14. Free Banking services electronic payments and transactions.
15. Free participation in European programs such as ESPA etc.

The benefits of Human Bank employees

All employees of the bank Human will be disabled and young unemployed graduates.
They are paid according to that stipulated by law.
You will also get 1/3 of a 3% rate that borrowers will pay the bank the profits would have been every year since their business, the next 1/3 will go equally to charities of Article 27 of the Statute as indicated and the remaining one third will go to the NGO Human Solidarity

Modern Greek Reserve your citizens expect to support it with your participation!

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