What does the free provision of research, know-how and technology by the Human Bank to the borrower?

As an example, a borrower who wants to create a prototype plant of e.g. organic agricultural products or meat of any kind, [poultry beef etc.] This […]

What does free marketing campaign for the entire lifespan of the business provided by human bank mean to the borrower?

It means that the cost of 2000 – 6000 Euros per year that would have been spent to a separate company to define and implement an […]

What does that the borrower of Human Bank will buy equipment and consumables at wholesale prices mean?

Human Bank will be a company that provides its borrowers with what is needed for their work in absolute wholesale prices directly from the cheapest source without intermediaries […]

What does it mean to the borrower that Human Bank will buy all his products in predetermined prices before production ends for its own Super Markets?

The greatest problem producers face is that they can’t sell their products in decent prices resulting in becoming victims of current wholesale buyers and intermediaries. With Human Bank this comes […]

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