Our First Set of Principles

1. We aim at productive reconstruction within Greece and expansion of our business in the Global Community. Greece is just the beginning of our long humanitarian journey, […]

What does 4% interest rate mean?

This number means a lot to the viability of a loan as it means that the borrower borrows with the same average rate of the European borrower e.g. the German, […]

What does that Human Bank will provide the borrower with free legal support for his business actions?

All conflicts that may occur like lawsuits, payment orders, execution of legal advice, extrajudicial matters, appeals, copyright and legal rights infringements, drafting commercial contracts, bailiffs expenses […]

What does the free provision of research, know-how and technology by the Human Bank to the borrower?

As an example, a borrower who wants to create a prototype plant of e.g. organic agricultural products or meat of any kind, [poultry beef etc.] This […]

Η παρούσα ιστοσελίδα έχει αποκλειστικά και μόνο ενημερωτικό χαρακτήρα και θα εξειδικεύσει τα χαρακτηριστικά της όταν κι εφόσον ο αναφερόμενος φορέας λάβει τη νόμιμα προβλεπόμενη άδεια εκ της αρμοδίας Τράπεζας της Ελλάδος και τονίζεται ότι έως τότε ουδεμία χρηματοπιστωτική πράξη δύναται να συμβεί παρά μόνο όταν κι εφόσον ο φορέας αποκτήσει τη νομική του προσωπικότητα και προβεί σε όλες τις δημόσιες διατυπώσεις. | This website is purely informative and will specify its characteristics when and as long as the reporting entity receives the legally authorized license from the competent Bank of Greece and it is emphasized that until then no financial transaction can occur until the financial institution Acquire its legal personality and carry out all public formalities.